Story Tools now has resources and activities that have been specially designed to cater for your library community’s young creators and storytellers. Dry, dusty worksheets and boring activities just don’t ignite the spark of imagination that very kid has that will keep them reading, writing and returning to the library for more.

With Story Tools, you’ll have a super-quality program that’s special, different and totally engaging. 

What kind of goodies does this toolbox contain for your library, you ask? 

The Story Tools resources cover a wide range of skills and genres, with those from the following lessons being perfect examples of the fun you can have in your programs:

When it comes to flexibility, adaptability and creativity, there’s nothing else out there that does what Story Tool does. 

Mix and match, use the resources in any order you choose AND build on those in-person visits from authors and illustrators!

For your young creators, the only limit is their imaginations.

Series 3 will be released in February next year, which means even more awesome resources for your community’s kids. 

The Story Tools team know that working together creates magic. So, if there’s something that you and your team would love to see as a resource, let us know here