Below you will find some key downloadable resources that can be used by your school, library or organisation. 

Promotional Materials

Please find below a range of materials for you to download for use on your website, e-newsletters, social media, library computer, whiteboard screens, or self-made promotional materials.

Click here to download the Story Box Library logo.

Helpful Hints to Spread the Word brochure:

Story Box Library poster and postcard images:

Promotional images:

Top 5 lists:

Shelf Talkers:

Storyteller images:

Click here for a full list of titles included in Story Box Library.


Sample Classroom Ideas:

Sample Activity Time:

2018 CBCA Book Week Treasure Hunt:

Bookmark Review template:

Click here to download a Story Box Library colouring sheet.

Resources for Public Libraries

Story Box Library for Public Libraries brochure:

Public Libraries Welcome Kit:

Story Box Library Trial Log In Details poster:

Resources for Schools and Early Childhood Organisations

Story Box Library for Schools brochure:

Schools Welcome Kit:

Story Box Library for Early Childhood Organisations brochure:

Story Box Library Trial Log In Details poster:

Letter to Parents to promote Story Box Library at your school:

Resources for Families

Story Box Library for Families brochure: