Sleep with Kip by MCRI

Released by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), the ‘Sleep with Kip’ series promotes sleep and good bedtime habits for all families. Using evidence-based strategies developed over 20 years, MCRI has created six children’s books, each designed as a fun and friendly way to learn to manage common sleep problems in children, with benefits for parents alike.

Watch the series for free, with dynamic storytellers Tamala Shelton and Roby Favretto bringing the stories of Kip and their friends to life.

Sleep with Kip

Visit the website to purchase the books, get evidence-based sleep strategies for common sleep problems in children, learn more about the research behind the series, and find out more in the Sleep with Kip podcast.

Download activities

Love the stories? Use these activity pages to practice some of the sleep skills that Kip talks about. Download positive affirmation cards, mindfulness colouring sheets, bedtime trackers and more, keeping kids engaged and helping parents navigate the tricky world of sleep.

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