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Super Moopers: Giggling Gertie

Welcome to Moopertown! In Moopertown, everyone is special - in their own special way!

Gertie just can't stop giggling. She laughs at everything - the problem is, not everything is funny! 
Today is a VERY IMPORTANT day in Moopertown, but Gertie doesn't seem to be taking it seriously. 
Poor Gertie. Can she do the right thing for Moopertown's famous visitor?

This funny and affirming story written by author Fiona Harris will entertain children of all ages. The Super Moopers stories are humorous, sweet, character-driven tales, with a richly-detailed world that children will engage with. Giggling Gertie, read delightfully by Super Moopers illustrator Scott Edgar, celebrates the idea that our differences are what make us unique, and we are all capable of being superheroes when we can see the best in ourselves.


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