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Super Moopers: Nervous Nellie

Welcome to Moopertown! In Moopertown, everyone is special - in their own special way!

There are lots of things in Moopertown that make Nellie nervous. Like pointy hats for example. She's also quite nervy around marshmallows. They are so squishy and could easily get stuck in your teeth and never come out! And Kites are a bit daunting and unpredictable. Who knows which way the wind will blow them? Some people might think it is silly to be nervous around a marshmallow or a hat, but Nellie can't help it. It is just the way she is! 

Today Nellie's friend Dom has invited Nellie to his house. On her way there, Nellie has to deal with lots of nerve-racking things, like loud trumpets, a pair of wet flyaway pants and bubbles! But when Nellie notices a young Mooper playing near the road on Dom's street, it may just be her nervousness that saves the day. Will Nellie become a Super Mooper after all?

With humorous, sweet, character-driven stories and a richly-detailed world that children will engage with, this exciting new series written by Fiona Harris celebrates the idea that our differences are what make us unique, and that we are all capable of being superheroes when we see the best in ourselves. 

Read by Super Moopers' illustrator, and musical performer, Scott Edgar (Tripod), this funny and engaging story is sure to appeal to young readers.


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