Robbie Cathro


I’m Robbie Cathro, an Illustrator & Storyteller living in Bristol, UK, working from my studio in The Island. I love to make fun, colourful and charismatic work whether that's for a lively children's magazine, an editorial piece or even for stories of my own invention.  With my work I hope to create a playful composition that translates the mood and atmosphere of the work I'm illustrating! I studied (BA Hons) Illustration at The University of The West of England, Bristol, graduating in 2016.

My debut picture book ‘Be Your Own Man’, a book for boys and those who identify as a boy, encourages boys and men to embrace their vulnerability and put their hand up for help. Normalising ‘softer’ behaviours such sensitivity, creativity and caring for others as valuable human traits. It encourages its’ readers to broaden their ideas about what it means to be a boy and supports them to feel proud about who they truly are!