Missy Turner


I am a children's illustrator and aspiring children's book author. I love illustrating humans, critters, and putting happy faces on anything! I am also fond of puzzling together drawings to make patterns. As an artist I am greatly inspired by things from my childhood that still make me happy, like Disneyland, Roald Dahl books, the air outside after it rains, petting a horse's velvety nose, etc.

When I'm not drawing, you'll find me: Baking! I love a good bake, especially recipes with lots of steps (Except breads, they scare me. I'll get there one day). I also enjoy a good book on tape so I can multitask. My favorites are Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, I could listen to those on an endless loop. My greatest joy is spending time with my family. There are a lot of us (6 siblings, plus spouses, a gaggle of kids, and some dogs), but they're a hoot and I love them.

I currently live in glorious Utah with my wonderful husband Kyle. One day we'll have kids and dogs. And hopefully a winged horse, if I can find one.