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2020: Curious Creature, Wild Minds

CBCA Book Week 2020 offers kids the opportunity to be curious, and to use their minds to seek knowledge and new experiences. We’ve developed four unique activities for CBCA Book Week 2020 to encourage young readers to draw on their knowledge to solve problems, and to develop an imagination that is wild and without limitations—all while engaging with CBCA-shortlisted titles.

Our activities cater for a range of age groups, abilities and interests, and are adaptable for use at home, in the classroom or at the library. We're sharing these activities and resources with you now so that educators and librarians have plenty of time to assess and promote them for use with students from the beginning of Term 4 and in the lead up to and including CBCA Book Week (17-23 October).

By downloading our ‘SBL Activities for Curious Creatures with Wild Minds’ folder, you’ll gain access to:

  • Our Resource Package for Teachers and Librarians, which includes learning focus descriptions, answer sheets, plus ideas and tools for promoting SBL’s CBCA Book Week activities in your school or library
  • PDFs for each activity, which can be printed or shared electronically
  • Promotional material, including social media tiles, posters and other printables
  • Our CBCA Book Week Activity Time Collection, with full Activity Time instructions for CBCA-shortlisted stories

Accessing our resources

Everything teachers and librarians need for CBCA Book Week 2020 can be downloaded using this linkOtherwise, use the links and images below for direct access to each activity.