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Promoting Story Box Library at your Public Library

Downloadable resources for digital promotions

Promo-ready resources

For use across Facebook, Instagram and your other digital communications, these images and tiles help promote the features and benefits of SBL to your patrons.

Story Box Library logo

Download our logo to use when linking to Story Box Library from your website and on any communications.

Storyteller & book cover images

For all stories on Story Box Library, we offer storyteller and book cover images that you can use in your communications and on social media.

StoryBox app resources

Flyers and posters, email banners and social media tiles you can use to promote your library’s 24/7 access to Story Box Library via the StoryBox app.

StoryBox app flyer in languages

The StoryBox App is here flyer is available in several languages.

Click here to download in Hindi.

Click here to download in Chinese.

Click here to download in Greek.  

Click here to download in Cantonese.

Click here to download in Tamil.  

Click here to download in Arabic.

Click here to download in Samoan.  

Click here to download in Korean.

Click here to download in Persian.  

Click here to download in Vietnamese.

Downloadable resources to use in your library

Helpful hints to spread the word

A hyperlinked PDF that offers 5 hints for engaging patrons with Story Box Library, including links to promotional resources, suggested descriptions and placement on library websites.

Shelf Talkers

Showcasing some of the story collections found in our digital library, plus stories relating to specific themes of interest, we create Shelf Talkers and regularly add to this collection. 

Poster & postcards

Print and display in your library’s children’s section, at check-out kiosks or information desks to encourage engagement with Story Box Library.

Top 5 Lists

Small story collections of popular themes found amongst the stories on our website. Print to share with patrons or display in your library.

Downloadable resources to share with your patrons

Fridge card & bookmarks

Printable cards and bookmarks to help ensure patrons can log in to Story Box Library quickly and easily.

Improving the experience for library patrons

A 2-page hyperlinked PDF flyer you can share with patrons that details how to log in, our playlist and audio-visual support features, and our Activity Time resource.

Story Box Library helps families connect

This hyperlinked 1-page PDF flyer can be used to inform your community of Story Box Library’s benefits and encourage engagement.