What is Story Box Library?

Story Box Library is a subscription based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand, storytellers.

Story Box Library is being used in classrooms and homes across Australia. 

Here is a taste of the wonderful feedback we have been receiving from our members, authors, storytellers and supporters:




Good literature read in entertaining and engaging ways. Promotes a love of reading and learning.

Great variety and low key but effective way of communication. Personalized because of the storyteller directly speaking to the audience

Great stories, read with expression and behind the scenes videos

My 10 year old has very poor literacy - Storybox still allows him access to literature even if he can’t yet read

Great stories. Funny stoories. Beautiful artwork / illustrations. Engaging authors & narrators. I like the storybox theme song too.

It was actually a good way of discovering books and authors to look up at the library.

It gives kids who don't get stories read to them the chance to hear/see stories being read to them.

The 'story box library' ditty. It's Australianness. The 'up close and personal' feeling you get with the storytellers; each time, it kind of feels like we're on Skype with them. Creates this immediacy/connectedness. Like we're friends. And fosters a feeling that we (authors illustrators storytellers kids parents teachers students) are all part of a community that knows each other, and that that community is actually quite small (which gives it a homely immediate feeling.) The fact it's a controlled online environment and I don't have to worry about my kid intercepting any nasty internet crap.

I love the combo of paper books and digital media together. Sometimes we take the real book from the library after watching;)

The variety of texts from picture story to mini novels, please keep the variety coming. As a teacher i have also utilised some of the activity ideas.

I especially love the authors talking about their writing process as well as the stories being read by lots of interesting people.

The concept is brilliant - it's like a baby-sitter reading the kids a story while i cook dinner or fold the washing. Hearing another voice is great for them. My husband and I still read to them but Story Box was a great back-up especially when they wanted a longer story

Quality stories wide range and a way of allowing my child to use the iPad in a fun way which is actually learning!

The insights shared by the readers/authors/illustrators and the quality of the videos (pictures are well filmed)

My daughter likes the author interviews as she loves writing. I also like the uniqueness of story box. I have recommended it to friends overseas

It's fun, educational and different with a wide appeal. I recommend it to colleagues and students alike.

Its really enjoyable & worthwhile & lovely quality product.

I see value in stories and storytelling and anything that can expose/engage children to them is great.

its almost as good as reading stories to the children myself, the mix of narration, eye contact, visible character creation through story telling and animation is gentle and absorbing and helps encourage the children to love the role of books and reading to relax

High quality Australian resource and great for listening to stories.

it's a great alternative to cartoons/games and better for their brain

It's cheap and much better than sitting a child in front of a movie or children's tv series

it supports my granddaughters love of reading by listening to new texts. It not only has stories it has author talks that explain why and how they started to write. I would thoroughly recommend Storybox and is why i created a family account even though i could use my schools login.

The range of stories is great and the kids really enjoy them. Love that it’s constantly growing, too.

For an affordable subscription price you are getting a quality reading tool, which benefits both literacy and general enjoyment of books.


"We just LOVE Story Box Library - I use it during my Library Lessons, which are usually themed based. I try to use books that we have on the shelf, and many of the students like to borrow after listening/watching the story. I'm very excited about your upcoming Indigenous Story time."

Jeni Siviour, Library Manager, Cummins School Community Library


"You need this! Quality Australian literature, professionally produced, highly entertaining and educational. A win win for students and teachers."

Cate Evans, Melbourne Girls Grammar


"We love Story Box Library!! I set up playlists for teachers to use around significant days like, ANZAC Day but every Thursday when the new release comes out, we play it on both our Library screens in the Library. The boys know that Thursday mornings is Story Box Library morning and keenly sit and listen. It is a fabulous resource for encouraging boys to read. Thank you for all your efforts to keep improving it!"

Kate Lester, Teacher Librarian, St Aloysius' College


"Our reluctant older readers enjoy listening to the story first and then they read the chapter book... We have collected many of the chapter books and the children listen to the story and then read it themselves. The children really like it as they get to know the characters and storyline before they read it. It seems to assist them to transition to chapter books and makes them feel the same as other children in their class. If they are not understanding a part of the story they listen again to gain understanding."

Julie Dietrich, St Paul's Monbulk


"We are into our second year of Story Box Library. I love it and am so impressed... a great way to educate our new educators about good children's literature. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."

Jenelle Marshall, Complete Kids Early Learning Centre


"I am the ECT at our centre and personally use Story Box Library at home with my children. As my own children love it, we signed up for the free trail for our class. During our trial the children enjoyed the wide variety of stories and having someone other then their educators reading to them. As educators we have also enjoyed these same aspects. We use Story Box Library to sit with small groups of children at different times through out the day, were we can 'read' the story and then talk about it with the children. We also use it during our quiet time in the afternoon, 'reading' a story for the children who are resting but not sleeping. The children now have their favourites that they ask for. As educators we are also finding stories that relate to our program to read. We also participated in the ALIA simultaneous story time as a centre using the story on Story Box Library."

Jessica Dickinson, Goodstart Early Learning Vermont


"Ryde Library staff and our community love Story Box [Library]. Library staff use these stories at least once a month to showcase a different way of storytelling at our Storytimes. This gives us a chance to promote this wonderful online library to our community. What a fantastic way to support our local Australian authors, illustrators and performers which I think are the best in the world. We’ve had great feedback from our parents. The stories are amazing and there is a great range for many ages."

Gabbi Wyllie, Information Systems Librarian Children & Young Adult, Ryde Library Services NSW

"Here at Moomba Park Primary we all love Story Box Library."

Maria Condello, Library Technician, Moomba Park Primary School


"Our library is thrilled to be able to share the love of reading to all of our families by providing the Story Box Library to its members. There are so many wonderful stories that come to life on the screen which can be viewed anywhere and at any time. From the terrific story readers and clever animations there is a lot to love about Story Box Library!"

Jenny Mustey, Library Services Manager, Campaspe Regional Library


"The quality of the story readings on Story Box Library has developed beautifully in a short period of time. The introduction of the Indigenous Storytime is something you should be very proud of."

Josephine Laretive, Moriah College


"Congratulations on receiving the grant! That’s fabulous news and we are excited about all of the Indigenous Books we will have access to as this project develops... Thank you! I don’t know what I would do without you all – truly – my job very largely depends on Story Box Library. The students FAR prefer you guys to me…(and I don’t mind that, because I completely agree with them!"

Janette Meulen, Prince of Peace School


"I listened to this beautiful story [Lucy's Book] with my kinder class this afternoon. They listened so intently, loving the adventure in the story and the friendships between the children. After we talked about our most favourite books."

Jess Dickinson, Goodstart Early Learning, South Vermont


"...our girls love their Story Box times and I’d like to thank you for providing such a great ‘Australian’ resource."

Robyn Hirst, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School


"... what an absolutely wonderful service you provide with Story Box Library – it’s a fantastic website that really showcases the originality and creativity of Australian authors. Just brilliant!"

Ingrid Terpaj, Family Subscriber


"We love Story Box Library and are very excited about being able to share the resource our families... Our teachers (and kids) get very excited whenever a new story is added. We love that the website is frequently updated with new and useful functions, such as the at-home access, and the playlist function."

Nicola Moroney, Principal, Waratah West Public School


"Yay for Story Box!... Thank you so much and thank you for being such a fabulous tool in the promotion of stories and literacy for our ESL students!"

Gillian Maugle, Wiley Park Public School


"Our service is thrilled with the addition of ‘at home access’ for our families... This is a brilliant way to create positive links around early literacy and because it is interactive and fun I am sure our families will be motivated to participate... You should also be proud to know that our children often walk around the classroom singing and chanting 'A little bit cheeky, a little bit charming and a whole lot of fun'!!! It is most adorable... we often use it as the old fashion ‘listening post station’ but also with a laptop obviously. The varying ways in which your participants read the books takes the stories, and the children’s engagement with literature to a whole other level. We often find they will re – tell the stories to peers at a different time and will utilise classroom resources to bring the story to life themselves."

Brooke Jayet, Kindergarten Teacher, Irymple Kindergarten


"Our staff and students LOVE the stories/resources (and the jingle) available on Story Box Library."

Jo Stuckey, Assistant Principal, Tacoma Public School


"We have been loving the wonderful stories on Story Box Library so far this year… looking forward to our continued use of Story Box Library."

Jackson Gray, Lockington Consolidated School


"Story Box Library is a high quality resource that I value using with pre-service teachers. As the Australian Curriculum: English (F-10) brings together the teaching of Language, Literature and Literacy, it demands that Primary teachers need to use good quality literature in our teaching. Story Box Library is a wonderful multimodal resource that enables pre-service teachers to source those quality texts that Primary Educators need to use."

Mary-Anne Thorne (Sessional Lecturer in Literacy Education: ACU)


"Planning for the integration of Australian children's literature into the curriculum can be a challenge for busy teachers. The theme list in Story Box Library is a great support for teachers.  The filters can be used to locate good quality resources to add depth to any unit of work for a variety of age groups.  So much can be explored when integrating stories into units of work and of course there is the sheer pleasure of the enjoying a story with your students! Well done Story Box team on supporting education with this fabulous resource."

Helen Woods (Resources Leader and Teacher-Librarian, Our Lady Help of Christians, Wendouree


"I subscribed a while back, mainly to learn how to read to an audience. I love it. From a writer's perspective it is a wealth of reference, from an inner child perspective, it is glorious fun.'

Shannon Horsfall, Author/Illustrator


"We love your site and my students from 2017 still talk about some of the stories on there!"

Amanda Gulliver, Blackwood Primary School


"...thank you so much for this resource. I love it! I use it to conclude most library sessions with the children, I use the teacher support notes and I love the interviews and other related videos etc about authors and illustrators. An AMAZING resource that I really want to connect more of our families with this year."

Helen Woods, OLHC Parish Primary School


"We use Story Box Library in the library and in the classrooms! It is a sought after resource! We all love it."

Sharon Cannon, St Mary's Primary School


"The parents at school will be very happy to be able to access Story Box Library at home with their children. Our teachers and students love it, it’s a great resource with all the books available and the readers are so entertaining. One of my little grade ones was inspired to make her own Story Box Library story on an ipad and she loves to share it."

Rosemary Gargan, Teacher, Meredith P.S.


"I like especially the books that are CBCA shortlisted as they tie in with book week / lessons. When stories link in with topics / lessons....it is fantastic." 

Mitchell Stone, Killara Public School 


"I am the librarian at my school and I play Story Box in our library learning centre every recess and our students love it!... Story Box is amazing for kids and I'm so glad it has been created! Job well done."

Jenny, Librarian (via Facebook) 


"[Story Box Library] puts the best Australian story books in the hands of the best Australian story tellers, and beams it straight into your home, school or library… it is as extensive as it is diverse."

Northern Daily Leader


"It’s on a screen, because kids love technology, but it is also a book – it is a great way to get them interested in books, in a subject, or in a lesson… Pictures tell half the story, so it is also a great way to teach parents how to read out loud to their children as well, do the right actions and facial expressions – it is like a demonstration of how to read as well as a great way to further develop a love of books. There is no greater bonding or educational tool."

Phillip Mattheus, Teacher, Timbumburi Primary 


"Anything that encourages reading, keeps literature interesting and helps develop a love for literature is fantastic, and Story Box [Library] is another way to encourage that… It can also make kids familiar with libraries and the services that are on offer – that way when they go to high school or a different school it would be perfectly normal for them to go in and use the library whenever they like."

Narelle Lightfoot, Tamworth Customer Experience Librarian 


"Our students love accessing Story Box Library at home. For some, they are able to hear a story read to them in their home language by their parents, then one read in English through Story Box Library. We have incorporated listening to a story online as part of our homework program."

Kelly Wilson, Harrington Street Public School


"I personally LOVE Story Box Library and have had family membership for several years.  So now I’m really looking forward to classes having access to all these great stories."

Kylie Halford, Librarian, Blakes Crossing Christian College


"I loved using the texts for enjoyment and as mentor texts for reading strategies and for writing strategies."

Teacher, Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School                    


"We all think the stories are amazing and so well read. The students really love them."

Barb van Egmond, Literacy co-ordinator, Myrniong Primary School


"It is a great way for students to connect with authors."

Alison Wilmot, Holy Spirit Primary School                    


"My child was coming home singing the Story Box song. I was keen to investigate so did the free trial...our junior team trialed Story Box Library in their literacy block. They also used it for their afternoon story... I think the concept is great, the students love being read to." 

Geraldine Pepper, St. Joseph's Primary School, Elsternwick                    


"Easy access to great literature - in a different voice than mine every day. Real high quality texts/language/characters/themes etc... it really is an awesome site... they [the students] absolutely loved every story and were always captivated." 

Jenna, Teacher (NSW)


"Students loved the stories and storytellers, particular the more animated storytellers. It was great to see different storytellers 'matching' the stories they read in personality etc... Being read aloud to benefits comprehension and celebrates storytelling for all ages... It is a great resource to expose students to Australian lit. and hear people other than teacher reading aloud... I look forward to sharing this great resource with my students and colleagues and it is wonderful to hear we can also give the password to parents to use at home!"

Amy Brown, Teacher Librarian, Ruyton Girls School


"We love Story Box Library. Being an international school, many of our students have English as a second, third or fourth language. With Story Box Library we can provide good quality audio material, with good, large illustrations that is at a level all of our students can access and enjoy. Our students enjoy seeing a new person each time, and seeing where that person will be sitting to tell the story. Our teachers use it to fill in small gaps during the day, or during quiet moments, as well as using it alongside the book as a guided reading tool. It is clear that the creators of Story Box Library have a passion for books which keeps our students engaged and asking for more, more, more!"

Alice Haworth, Multimedia Assistant – Primary Library, International School Eindhoven, The Netherlands


"Dear friends at Story Box Library, You've made my day! Thank you so much for adopting my book 'The Ricker-Racker Club'. It was so lovely to hear it read so beautifully. Thanks also for the kind review. With kindness like that you're all officially in the club!"

Patrick Guest, Author


"I am a strong advocate for Story Box Library and get so excited every time you add a new book…which is OFTEN!!! Thank you for all that you do…You offer a wonderful service!... We’ll be ongoing customers of yours for sure."

Janette Meulen, Library Teacher (P-6), Prince of Peace School (QLD)

“The special video of Eddie Perfect reading ‘The Cow Tripped Over the Moon’ was one of the highlights of National Simultaneous Storytime 2017. Your assistance in providing this resource was an essential element in making the event such a success and I look forward to our organisations working together again in the future.”

Sue McKerracher, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Library and Information Association


"We LOVE Story Box Library at ISL. The website is colourful and appealing, very easy to navigate and full of wonderful Australian stories for students to enjoy. The fact that the stories are read by the authors themselves or other well known personalities adds an extra level of engagement and students can't wait to see what the next new story to be added to the collection will be. Teachers find the Classroom Notes section really useful in helping to support and enhance the story experience. Story Box Library is a great resource for our school and a fantastic way to promote Australian literature in an international environment."

Mrs Kerry Gittins, Primary Teacher Librarian, International School of Lausanne,

"We love Story Box Library. As soon as my year one class hear the music that plays before each story they immediately sing along and get ready to listen. I love that your books are written by Australian authors and read by well-known Australians. We have copies of many of the books in our library which means that after listening to them on your website the children can revisit them again and again."

Margaret Davison, Holy Spirit School


"Story Box Library is a delightful extension to our Australian children’s literature collection. The collection is well-chosen and the storytellers engaging. The access to quality Australian picture books is second to none. I imagine in other international schools where it may be difficult getting books into the country, especially Australian ones, this resource would be invaluable. The children ADORE the theme song and get excited whenever I play a story. It’s great to use with large groups too as everyone can see the pictures. We have just enjoyed Eddie Perfect’s reading of The cow tripped over the Moon for the National Simultaneous Storytime event in Australia. Having this resource available electronically made sharing across our Elementary School easy."

Linda Twitchett, Head of Libraries, Australian International School, Singapore


"I often use Story Box in my library lessons, especially if we don’t have the book in our collection or if I think the students have had enough of my voice that week! I sometimes use the lesson notes provided to give me ideas... Many thanks for Story Box, we love it!"

Anne Foster, Library Specialist, Penbank Campus, Woodleigh School


"... it is an amazing resource."

Alison Fisher, Engagement Teacher/Class Teacher/Language Leader
St George State School


"I have set up Story Box Library for my two kids (ages 5 and 7) and they love it! Actually, we all love it!"

Bronwyn Hart


"I think your stories are awesome and are certainly great for our school which has such diverse ESL needs. In our small school we have about 30 nationalities and most are ESL only speaking English at school."

Kirsty O'Rourke, Teacher Librarian, St Kevin's Catholic School


"My dream of having Steve Backshall read Pandamonia on Story Box Library has come true. My boys and I are huge fans of Steve's and his wildlife show, Deadly 60, and I'm absolutely thrilled with his dynamic reading of the story.”

Chris Owen, Author


"I think the website is sooo pedagogically sound and wonderfully Australian – I have struggled to find different forms of literacy for our curriculum that are quality.  Thank you for providing this... what a fabulous resource for families – Introducing quality books!"  

Kirsty, Coolah Preschool Kindergarten 


"My staff are very impressed with Story Box Library and many are loving it... [I] love to sing the praises for Story Box Library - have to add that one of the teachers commented that she found having the kids listen to stories was a wonderful calming activity for her classes - she said that one little girl actually feel asleep because she was so peaceful!  The same teacher then commented that for the next hour or so her class was very tranquil and their writing work they did after logging out of the website was some of the best she had seen them do all year!  I love the fact that this is an aussie site - no American or other voices and aussie stories - can't have them enough." 

Shiralee Morris, Teacher-Librarian, Nulkaba Public School, NSW


"A diverse number of stories are easily accessible from one place, which can be used in the classroom during reading time and to elicit discussions. Classroom notes also follow which provide a great starting point for discussions. In addition, as all the stories on this website are written by Australian authors, this is a great resource to use when wishing to explore the diverse literary talents of this country."

Digitales (Leaders in Library and Learning Media)


"Story Box Library is a wonderful tool that is used extensively within our school. The students love hearing fabulous stories read by clever and interesting story tellers. The short films are a great resource with Aaron Blabey and Andy Griffiths being definite favourites with our senior primary students."

Mandy Swain, St Xavier's Primary School, Gunnedah


"My kiddos love Story Box Library! We try and watch at least one story each day... which means the theme song is constantly stuck in my head."

@teachertrail (via Instagram)


"I try and avoid having my kids online, or using screens. But I took out a subscription to Story Box Library, mainly so I can access wonderful Australian children’s stories any time, any place. Books are read by warm and entertaining people, often celebrities... Story Box Library keep subscribers informed about the latest news and events in the Australian children’s book world."

Zanni Louise, author (My Little Sunshine House)


"We would love to renew our subscription to Story Box Library. It has been a great success with my Library teaching program. I have particularly been impressed with all the new story additions to your program throughout the year. Also, a big consideration for me is to have current books available for my students, which is what you offer. "

Amy Jackson, Trinity Grammar School


"While nothing beats snuggling up in our rocking chair and reading a book together, the Story Box Library is a great way to build on the love of books and spend some quality time together. Educational TV at its best!"

The Baby Vine


"My students and l love Story Box Library, it is a fantastic resource. Keep up the great work. Your choice of reader for each story is amazing and my students often comment on this... I would love to see more schools and parents using your site.  My library is a combined school and public library. The public library sector has also just taken out a subscription so l am promoting Story Box to lots of parents and students.  My passion is to get kids reading and then to keep them reading.  I have found that my secondary students also enjoy Story Box sessions, your ANZAC features were excellent to use with these students, as have been recent stories dealing with children and the impact of war." 

Jenny Evans, Timboon P-12 Library Manager


"Story Box Library saved me, good to see shortlist books loaded. Suri's Wall is delightful, with little voice left, students very happy... I really value the resource and have been promoting at school. We will be watching one of the stories as part of the K-2 Book Week Dress Up Parade assembly as well and it will be amazing on the big screen in the schools auditorium."

Josephine Laretive, Teacher Librarian, Moriah College Primary School


"We are loving the Story Box Library at St Augustine's, especially the great teacher resource materials included - thank you!"

Maree McBean, Literacy Leader, St Augustine's Primary School


"We will definitely be renewing our subscription! I love story box library - it is a fantastic service and well used by myself here in the library but also by all the classroom teachers throughout the school! Keep up the good work!"

Melissa Johnson, Teacher Librarian, Currans Hill Public School


"A home schooling friend of mine suggested that we try the Story Box Library which she has been using at home with her children over the last 6 months. It’s an online resource that showcases Australian children’s books read by a diverse range of Australian storytellers. So, we decided to give it a go and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. My friend who home schools uses it as a facilitator for discussions, as each story comes with classroom notes that are specifically created for the Australian curriculum. We are using the family package and have just been using it at night time as a bedtime tale. My children don’t get a lot of screen time (tv or computers) but this is something nice that we can do together. I can also look at the stories in advance to ensure they are appropriate.

...This is an alternative to going to the library (we don’t have one close by) or purchasing books. This way we have access to many different kinds of books that I probably wouldn’t have thought to look at in the first place."

Olivia Hood, blogger at Everyday Begins New


"Thanks for having me... I had a ball... Long live Story Box Library!"

Alan Brough, Actor / Comedian


"I absolutely love Story Box Library and tell everyone I know about it (I gifted subscriptions to family members and friends for Christmas)!"

Rachel Williams-Duff, Parent


"I love your site and have shared it with so many other teachers! My students love it when we log in and they notice a new book, nearly as much as new picture story books at school (very rare in our rural school). We will definitely be maintaining our subscription while I'm in charge of the Literacy budget!"

Gemma Whinray, Katamatite Primary School


"Can we please renew the Story Box Library, we love it too much to let it expire."

Jenny Mustey, Campaspe Regional Library


"We love it! [Story Box Library]. The children are always excited when new books are added. Thanks for a great service."

Faye Matters, Hawkesdale P12 College Library


"We use it every week in some capacity and are delighted with each new addition to the collection. Thanks so much for providing us with such a rich resource."

Jessica Marston, Hagley Farm School


"Keep up the great work. We use your site many times a day, every class!"

Cate Evans, Melbourne Girls Grammar


"Thank you so much for the excellent resource you and your team have developed! I am loving watching it grow, and our kids love watching the stories. It is always "Can we watch another one?" It engages them in such a different way!"

Jennie Tuvey - Librarian, Fairhills Primary School


"We couldn't survive without Story Box [Library]! It is such a wonderful resource."

Suzanne Young, Serpell Primay School


"I love the look of your new website...  which is a huge hit with the children at our school... especially those in the younger grades. I am also using the interviews with the authors / illustrators to inspire my Yr 6 children. These have been great! I am a HUGE fan of Story Box Library and my students are even more so."

Janette Meulen, LibraryTeacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran College


“The reading is fantastic. I love everything about it - the reading, and the whole site. Brilliant.”

Peter Carnavas, Author and Illustrator


"[Story Box Library] is a treasure box full of tall tales and delicious surprises."

Sydney Writers Festival


"[Story Box Library] is a great Australian initiative that pairs the very best children's literature with the very best performers, to produce videos that can be used for educational – or just storytelling – purposes. After all, there's nothing better than having someone read you a good story!"

Australian Children's Literature Alliance


"We greatly admire the work you do to promote children's literature! Thank you for your initiatives to share much-loved stories."

National Centre for Australian Children's Literature 


"I love new internet finds that ensure we get the best out of the web whilst merging old fashioned charm with new advances in technology. Story box library is kind of like having your own beautifully illustrated library of Australian books at your fingertips, and you even have someone to read them to you. In Australian accents... [the website] is beautifully designed and illustrated and the books have been chosen for their slightly quirky but charming take on life. Having the stories read by Australian voices, and some very funny comedians, also ensures the art of storytelling is alive and well."

Martine Oglethorpe - The Modern Parent


"[Story Box Library] is particularly appealing for our older students due to the personalities reading the stories. We often find it hard to find literacy programs that are age appropriate, but they really enjoyed it. Really looking forward to using it again."

Lesley Prout (Literacy and Numeracy Coach) - Glenroy Specialist School


"As a teacher-librarian I love to use Story Box Library during classes' visits to the Library. Our ELC uses it once a week also. I find that with the older Primary levels we can delve into the author and illustrator features to see what motivates them and how they work. The younger levels just love to hear and see the stories. We sometimes explore a story for its theme or to experience some more from a favourite author or illustrator."

Karelle Stanton (Teacher Librarian) - Edinburgh College


"You made my new job easy and had teachers of all the junior school say yeah, the library is great! You have given them and libraries everywhere an Australian home and school library. Teachers use it with English learners so they can hear stories in English. Teachers use it in comprehension lessons where students listen to different stories and write comprehension questions for each other and then listen to and answer the questions their peers have written previously. Teachers use it as an addition and alternative to their own voice during story time. Teachers use it to 'hear' the author's voice. It has so many applications but mostly it celebrates our amazing Australian authors and illustrators. It's an essential and affordable resource in every library."

Svetlana Paul (Junior School Teacher Librarian) - St Andrew's Cathedral School Sydney


"We have really appreciated the wonderful opportunity for students to listen to the CBCA short listed books that you recently added to your collection. Students appreciate seeing a story presented in a different way! Your selection of books is excellent and it is great to see quality Australian children's literature being featured and I always look forward to new additions to the collection. Our class teachers and pre school have used the collection with their units of work and find it a very useful and engaging resource."

Lyn Pritchard (Teacher Librarian) - Hunter Valley Grammar School


"Riverina Regional Library’s 18 branch libraries love SBL. The titles, the narrators and the website are so easy to use and entertaining for children and adults alike! I love the fun of the theme song and on a personal note: my six year old daughter adores the concept – her favourite part of Playschool on ABC is the storytime and the format of going from the book to the storyteller which is SBL has captured so well. Our libraries utilise the stories on smart boards with large groups of “storytimers”. In addition to storytimes, one branch streamed stories in the park for a shire gala day which was well received by mums, dads and kids! Well done SBL we love the range of titles across different age groups, the quality stories, narrators and all the fun!"

Clare Morey (eServices Development Officer) - Riverina Regional Library


"We absolutely love Storybox library for so many reasons. Last year we paid over $90 in late fines at our library, my daughter is a book worm and I have the memory of a gnat so you can imagine how 20 books after 2 weeks can add up!

It is also a great opportunity to read the book with a view to buying, which is how we used to use the library and for testing the waters when kids move from one age bracket to the next.

Finally it is an awesome gift for children, it's quick and easy to purchase as well as set at that magical price point that I have for birthday and Christmas gifts for kids. A few expat friends of mine are moving back to their home country and this was the perfect Australian gift for their children. This is now my go to gift... I'm always nervous buying books, it can be hit or miss, not with this option! Soooo much to love about this product, well done, it's genius!"

Maala Parameswaran (mum to 4 year old)


"Story Box Library allows the children to listen to stories read to them by someone else other than their class teacher or parent. It is a bonus when it is read by the author of the book. The classroom ideas is very helpful to teachers who wish to do a book study and looking for activities to do with the class.
We have used it in the classroom as well as during Library Lunchtime in Book Week.

As a Librarian, I like the Short Films with the authors and illustrators explaining how they write and illustrate their books. Getting to "meet" the authors and illustrators in Story Box Library is like inviting them to our school for Book Week incursion.

As a school, we thoroughly enjoy using Story Box Library to introduce new books to the children and also books that we already have in our Library. It encourages them to want to borrow these books home to read for themselves or share with their family."

Tina Yap (Library Technician) - Deepdene Primary School & Kew East Primary School


"Minerva School loves Story Box Library with a passion. We are a small school (with a small budget for book purchase) of less than 50 students with special needs. Storybox enables us to access books in an interactive fun way, more engaging for some of our students with Autism.

The classes get to love certain books and then I buy them for the library and they learn to read them and enjoy them more than if they were just given the book at the beginning.

New books are continuing to be added ....... short listed books and theme focused eg. Remembrance day etc.

Minerva School says 'Story Box Library' ROCKS!!!! THANK YOU"

Jenny Marshall - Minerva School


"Story Box is a wonderful resource in our library. A broad and interesting story catalogue that is regularly extended, and beautifully presented. A great combination of authors reading their texts or well known Australians! And the kids love the catchy theme music. Keep up the fantastic job you doing."

Kelly O'Reilly (Teacher Librarian) - Dubbo North


"I had to let you know how much my kids adore Story Box Library. They know all the names of those who read the books, love taking turns choosing a story, and dance in their seats during the beautiful opening animations. It's an absolute treasure. I have some special people in mind who'll be receiving subscriptions for Christmas. Congratulations on a beautiful project that is a much-loved part of our day."

Emma Rickards (Artist & mother of 2), VIC


“Quality Australian Literature combined with a variety of entertaining narrators... a brilliant combination. Thank you Story Box Library for providing such a wonderful resource, which is used by our classroom teachers at every opportunity.  The Classroom Ideas are an added bonus.”  

Elizabeth Martini (Teacher Librarian) - Mel Maria Catholic PS, WA


"I wear two hats for Story Box Library and both my hats are full of love for this great little site! Firstly, my mother hat loves it because it is rare to find an online site which seems to read my mind and provide content for the messages I love to share, the books I adore to read, and the choice of readers that I want to sit down and have a cup of tea with.

My second hat as a teacher is super impressed for all the same reasons. Story Box Library helps make online stories more meaningful to our school children by giving them Australian authors and the Australian voice reading - about time!  And what teacher doesn't need a reliable source to hand you excellent classroom activities to bring these great stories even more to life? Teachers then get to let the meaningful adventure continue off screen. Love all around for Story Box Library.”  

Áine Tyrrell (Teacher & mother of 3) - Ocean Grove PS, VIC


"This morning I listened to Mike McLeish read 'Silver Buttons' on Story Box Library.  I LOVED this reading!!!  And, I’m writing to thank you for enabling us all to access this lovely reading experience. Could you please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Mike McLeish – He read this book so tenderly… He added to the experience and made me enjoy the book even more than I had when I’d first read it myself.  I’m sure Bob Graham would be very appreciative also!

Thank you so, SOOOO much for Story Box Library – We LOVE it here at Prince of Peace.  The children come into the library with big smiles and ask hopefully, “Are we going into the media room for our story today?” 

Janette Meulen (Teacher Librarian) - Prince Of Peace Lutheran College, QLD


“Thank you to all involved for developing such a fantastic learning tool!  The kids all love it, and I sat in with the 5/6’ers yesterday when they were watching 'I Was Only Nineteen'.  A great discussion starter.  Awesome. I look forward to it becoming an integral part of my library program.”  

Jennie (Teacher Librarian) - Fairhills PS, VIC


“We have recently subscribed to Story Box Library at our school. We find the books age appropriate and easy to incorporate into the Guided Reading session as visual and spoken texts. The teachers' resources are full of engaging and practical ideas. Our students particularly enjoy the growing selection of Indigenous writers and stories.”  

Carol Carey (Teacher) - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Waterloo, NSW 


We'd love to hear from you too.  Contact us here to tell us what you love about Story Box Library.