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Lucy Perry

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Speaker and author

Lucy Perry is an international keynote speaker, author, photographer and award-winning leader. She uses her super powers for writing and speaking about leadership, communication, changing the world and creative thinking.

She’s a rule breaker, idea maker and exceptional communicator.

Lucy ran a successful creative services firm for 20 years before she took on the start-up challenge as founding CEO of a brand new women’s health charity. In less than three years at the helm, Lucy built the team and the communication strategy which raised $7M for a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia.

Lucy is now the CEO of Sunrise Cambodia in Australia which funds the work of legendary Australian humanitarian and Mum to Many, Geraldine Cox AM.

Lucy Perry is an inspirational and passionate speaker whose presentation style is fast-paced and entertaining. Her subject matter includes broader business, leadership, team building, motivation, communication, social media and career inspiration for conferences and events where delegates are ready to be inspired to make a difference and literally change themselves and the world. Her audiences vary from sales teams and executives to students and medical professionals, social media professionals, bankers and government policy developers. She’s been known to make grown men cry but brings humour to the horror on a roller coaster that leaves her audience ready to conquer.

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