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Maddie Thiele

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Actor / Musician

Maddie Thiele is an actor, musician, composer, and dancer. Maddie completed her Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hons.) in 2011, receiving the Monash University Jubilee Scholarship, the awards for Excellence in Writing in 2009, Excellence in Creative Work in 2010, and Deans Academic Excellence Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011. With a huge passion for working with children as a music, dance and drama teacher, Maddie loves the thrill of helping them learn. Maddie has worked as a teacher for over eleven years, both privately and in institutions such as Mini Maestros (music), Monash University (acting), Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild (dance) and Chaffey Secondary College (dance). Maddie is one of two front-women for Art Pop/Indie band Odie Ida. Other performance and composition work includes A Pocketful of Joy (2012-14), HamletMachine (2010), Dear Ida (2010), PULSE (2011) and The Well (2012, Melbourne Fringe Festival).

Maddie is a founding member of Sausage Dog Productions.

Stories read by Maddie Thiele