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Wolfie: An Unlikely Hero

Dear Readers,

Fairytales are nonsense.
They're full of wolves pestering pigs and picking on sweet little girls in red hoods.
But I would never do those things. I knit! I bake blueberry pie!

You know what I really want to do? I Want to rescue a princess!
And if I can't? I quit!
Yours sincerely,

Wolfie may want to be a hero, but he's about to discover that arguing with this book's narrator is not the best way to improve his image 

A hilarious story by author Deborah Abela that will have viewers laughing out loud as we follow Wolfie on his quest to be in a story about a nice, courageous, heroic wolf. With fun illustrations by Connah Brecon and delightfully told by actor Osamah Sami, this fairytale has the most unconventional of endings!


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