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Water Witcher

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About the Story

Dougie and his sisters can't remember the last time it rained. 
The rainwater tanks are empty and the creek is just a string of muddy pools.
They can see the tracks of animals that come seeking water. 
Everything is thirsty. 

One day, Dougie's dad tells him about his grandfather's gift for water divining, or witching. Dougie wishes he were a water witcher - then they would have a well of their own, always full of water. 

Water Witcher brings to life, through the story of one family, the experience and difficulties of drought-stricken rural Australia during the Depression era.

Jan Ormerod’s story is rich and resonating and highlights the importance of water conservation for the next generation. Her illustrations are stunningly evocative of the dry, dusty and harsh conditions, through use of a muted colour palette. 

Storyteller Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky has lived through a ten-year drought, so knows how vital water is to us all. We hope you will enjoy his reading and his fantastic banjo playing. 


*captions available.
*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.
*included in the SA Premier's Reading Challenge R-2 list.

Story Details



Australian Theme, Environment, Family Life, Hope, NSW PRC, S.T.E.M., SA PRC, VIC PRC

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)



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