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Too Many Elephants in this House

Do you have any elephants hiding in your house?  How many elephants do you think could fit in a plane?

Eric’s mum thinks there are too many elephants living in their house, but Eric doesn’t agree.  He knows they take up a lot of space but he LOVES his elephants – each and every one of them!  So when Mum insists that they have to go, Eric has to try and think of somewhere to put them all…and it’s not as easy as he thought!

Actor and author Jane Kennedy, reads us this delightfully funny and lively story from author Ursula Dubosarsky, and illustrator Andrew Joyner, asking what kind of animals you have living in your house…?


*captions available. 
*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge K-2 list
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge EC-2 list.
*included in the SA Premier's Reading Challenge R-2 list.



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