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Tiggy: A School Day Smile

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About the Story

Tiggy has a BIG imagination. She sometimes has BIG feelings too. But everything is A-Okay, because Tiggy has a very special secret …
Today is Tiggy's first day of school, and she is super excited! But she's also not quite sure what to expect and that makes Tiggy a bit nervous.
Tiggy has her trusty magic paintbrush with her – but can it help her make new friends? 

Tiggy's story is one that many children will relate to: worrying about being in an unfamiliar place, making new friends and learning new things. The beautiful part of this inspiring story by the talented Zanni Louise and Gillian Flint is that it encourages children to worry less and to believe in themselves. With themes of friendship, imagination and creativity, this story encourages bravery and resilience.

Gillian Flint's mainly black and white illustrations are delightfully contrasted with bursts of colour from Tiggy's paintbrush's creations and bring a special magic to the story. 

Read sweetly by author Zanni Louise herself, children will love Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush: A School Day Smile, and even better, this is book 1 in a series so look out for more Tiggy adventures!

Story Details



Adventure, Change, Courage, Emotions, Friendship, Imagination, School Life

Suitable for

Preschool (3-5yrs), Lower Primary (5-8yrs)



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