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The Ricker Racker Club

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About the Story

Once there were two brothers, Max and Ollie, who invented the Ricker Racker Club. They had their own secret handshake, their own secret password, a turtle named Albert... and a silly dance that was saved for special occasions. To be in the Ricker Racker Club you have to be brave. You have to be kind. You have to not be a girl ... but some people are better than others at being both kind and brave.

The Ricker Racker Club is a gorgeous and lively story about friendship, acceptance and empathy. Patrick Guest's rhythmic text evokes an old-fashioned era, where kids are free to just be kids, and celebrates a spirit of adventure, and the importance of acts of kindness. Nathaniel Eckstrom's delightful illustrations have a wonderfully retro feel.

Told by storytellers Rita M. and Indi Gaal, this is a touching and joyous story that children will love. 


*captions available.

*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge K-2 list

Story Details



Community, Courage, Friendship, NSW PRC

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)



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