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The Queen with the Wobbly Bottom

There was once a Queen, a beautiful and clever Queen, who was loved throughout her land. But when she looked in the mirror, when she wriggled her hips, the Queen was not happy, not happy at all, because her bottom wobbled just like raspberry jelly. When she offers a reward for a solution to the royal wobble, hopeful candidates turn up in droves with cures of every kind. But none of them work, and the queen eventually discovers that real beauty comes from within.

The Queen with the Wobbly Bottom is a heart-warmingly delectable tale about learning to love yourself just the way you are. Phillip Gwynne's story provides deeper meaning behind the hilarious text, sending a firm message that love and acceptance are a lot more important than the way someone looks. Bruce Whatley's detailed and humorous illustrations bring this story delightfully to life. Read by the gorgeously talented Dolly Diamond, this story will have children giggling from first page to last.


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