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The Last Viking

Young Josh is very brave. He's not afraid of anyone or anything – except maybe the dark. Pirates worry him a bit, of course, and so do boy-eating dinosaurs, and monsters under the bed. He's also just a little afraid of dragons and vampires...

Packed with excitement, adventure and a little bit of Viking magic, Norman Jorgensen's, The Last Viking is a deliciously intricate story about a boy with a wild imagination, finding the courage to confront his fears. 

James Foley's reading is full of humour and warmth, and his rich, expressive and detailed illustrations deepen the story and create a visual feast for us to enjoy. 

Time to go a-viking!


*captions available
*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge EC-2, 3-4 lists.
*included in the SA Premier's Reading Challenge R-2 list.



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