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Super Moopers: Dramatic Dom

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About the Story

Welcome to Moopertown! In Moopertown, everyone is special – in their own special way!

Dom lives a VERY dramatic life. You might think that you have good ideas, but Dom has AMAZING ideas. And you may think the circus you went to last week was good, but Dom will say it was the MOST INCREDIBLE AND TRULY FABULOUS out of this world AWESOME circus EVER. When Dom stubs his toe on the table leg it is THE MOST PAINFUL INJURY he’s ever had and he will probably need to have his toe CUT OFF by a doctor!

Today Dom is putting on his show, “The Old Man in the Moon”, in the village square for all of Moopertown. He considers himself to be an EXTREMELY good writer and is excited that all of his Mooper friends will see his wonderful performance. But on the day of his show, Dom sends the Moopers into a panic when he spots a spaceship that has crash-landed in Moopertown. Is it really a spaceship or is Dom being dramatic? And if he’s wrong, will he be too embarrassed to perform in front of the Moopers? 

Read by performer and Super Moopers' writer, Fiona Harris (Prank Patrol & Skithouse), this funny and engaging story with delightful illustrations by Scott Edgar, is sure to appeal to young readers as they laugh along with Dom's dramatic antics in Moopertown.

Story Details



    Fiona Harris


    Scott Edgar


    Scott Edgar


    Bonnier Publishing Australia,
    The Five Mile Press, Australia, 2017


Adventure, Emotions, Humour

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)



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