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Sporty Kids: Swimming

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About the Story

Ben dived. Jessica dived. Oliver dived. And Emma went WHACK!

It was the belly-whacker of all belly-whackers.

Emma is a swimming superstar. But can she learn to dive?

Sporty Kids: Swimming is another fantastic tale in the Sporty Kids series from beloved author, Felice Arena. In this story we meet Emma, who although a good swimmer, is having trouble learning to dive. In a moment of inspiration, she decides to imitate some animals well-known for their water skills, and soon she is gliding like a crocodile, diving for rings like a dolphin and finally doing a beautiful dive into the water, just as a penguin would. 

Packed full of humour and determination, and a host of wonderfully fun illustrations from the talented Tom Jellett, Sporty Kids: Swimming is a delightfully fun and exciting story. Cheekily read by author Felice Arena, this is a story you'll love, and that might just help you overcome a fear or two of your own. 


*captions available.
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge P-2 list.


Story Details



Felice Arena


Tom Jellet


    Felice Arena


    Puffin Books,
    Penguin Random House Australia,
    Australia 2015


Adventure, Emotions, Humour, Sport, VIC PRC

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)



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