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About the Story

So you're here at the zoo on this glorious day.

You're sure to have fun... it's a great place to play. 

Come through. Look around. Relax and explore.

Inside you will find there are creatures galore. 

You'll have a magnificent time at the zoo...

... just don't wake the panda whatever you do. 


Pandamonia is a joyful romp of a story that introduces us to a menagerie of animals and their hilarious antics. There are hippos that hop, gibbons that giggle, leaping lemurs and bellowing buffalo, and that's just for starters! Chris Owen's rhythmic and energetic text encourages imaginations to soar, whilst Chris Nixon's illustrations are a visual feast of shapes, patterns and colours. 

Told by honorary Aussie, Steve Backshall - Deadly 60's very own intrepid presenter and animal activist, Pandamonia is one of our best stories yet! (pan.duh.moh.nee.uhm) noun

wild and noisy uproar, rumpus, commotion, bedlam.

PAN.DA.MO.NI.A (pan.duh.moh.nee.uh) noun informal

complete and utter chaos, often following the disturbance of a blissfully sleeping panda. 


*captions available.

*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge K-2 list

Story Details




Adventure, Animal Stories, Environment, Humour, Imagination, NSW PRC

Suitable for

Preschool (3-5yrs), Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)



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