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Our Last Trip to the Market

What a fabulous morning to go to the market. That busker is dressed as a clown! And there's fruit and a baker. There are people on bikes. Annabelle, please put that down...

A glorious exploration of family and fun - for everyone who has ever taken a mob of unruly kids to a crowded place!

This delightful story from author Lorin Clarke, about a mother's trip to the market with her six unruly children, is hilariously funny. Exuberent and detailed illustrations from Mitch Vane provide a highly entertaining second narrative.

Our Last Trip to the Market details a boisterous family excursion. Full of warmth, humour and delicious mischief, the book leaves us wondering if this will be the last trip to the market this naïve mother and her children will make!

Told by Lorin Clarke herself, this is a story not to be missed.


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