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Once Tashi Met a Dragon

What would you wish for if you were given a dragon wish?
No-one in Tashi’s village has ever seen the dragon on the mountain, but they all rely on him to send the rains down every year.  So when the rains stop and people are hungry, Tashi heads up the mountain on a white tiger to investigate.

The wonderfully talented singer and performer, Ali McGregor, reads us this magical tale from Barbara & Anna Fienberg, with exquisite illustrations by Kim Gamble, about one of Australia’s most loved book characters.  Join Ali as she shares Tashi’s latest adventure, and find out if Tashi's quick-thinking skills can help a sad lonely dragon, and save the day!


*captions available. 
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge EC-2 list.
*included in the SA Premier's Reading Challenge 3-5 list.



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