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My Dead Bunny

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About the Story

My dead bunny's name is Brad,
his odour is extremely bad.
He visits me when I'm in bed,
but Bradley wasn't always dead...

My Dead Bunny is a hilarious rhyming zombie tale, perfect for those looking for a story that's a little bit different!

After unexpectedly being fried, and dug up by his owner, zombie bunny Brad decides to hang around his former home, much to the horror of the family. 

Creepy and disgusting, yet playfully clever, Sigi Cohen's story is ghoulish and spine-chilling in the most delightful of ways. 

James Foley's gothic style illustrations are the perfect match for this quirky and terror-filled tale, and kids will love his rollicking reading.


*N.B. This story may be a little too spooky for younger viewers. Please assess suitability for your child(ren) in advance. 

*captions available. 
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.



Story Details



    Sigi Cohen


    James Foley


    James Foley


    Walker Books Australia, 2015


Animal Stories, CBCA Previously Shortlisted, Emotions, Grief/Loss, Humour, Imagination, S.T.E.M., VIC PRC

Suitable for

Middle Primary (8-10yrs), Upper Primary (10-12yrs)



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