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My Brother

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About the Story

I miss my brother

I'm so lost without him

I wonder if he's lost too...

I need to find him

When a gentle creature sets out to search for a lost brother we are taken on an ethereal journey across land and sea to strange, beautiful and faraway places. To fantastic, floating cities, and mediaeval towns full of dark alleyways and winding staircases – to vast open grasslands and eerie, silent forests – and eventually to a place of timeless beauty and light.

My Brother is a metaphorical picture storybook for older children that looks at loss and grief from a sibling’s perspective created by Dee Huxley, with her son Oliver, (who created the visual characters), and her daughter Tiffany, who designed the book. Together, they drew on a heart-rending experience to create a book in which the words and pictures tell a moving, symbolic story of loss, and grief, and of the gradual steps taken towards the hope of renewal. 

Beautifully and emotionally told by storyteller Matt Stanton.


*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 5-6 list.

*captions available

Story Details



Dee Huxley


    Oliver Huxley


Tiffany Huxley

    Matt Stanton

    Working Title Press, Australia, 2016


CBCA Previously Shortlisted, Change, Emotions, Family Life, Grief/Loss, Hope, NSW PRC, Siblings

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs), Upper Primary (10-12yrs)



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