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This is a mopoke.
This is a highpoke. 
This is a lowpoke. 
This is a poshpoke.

Go on a journey with musician Tim Rogers as he reads author/illustrator Philip Bunting's hilarious Mopoke.

'Mopoke' is the Australian nickname for the Southern Boobook, our smallest and most common species of owl. Mopokes are known for their eponymous 'mo-poke' call. In this visually stunning story, pictures tell a thousand words. Simple, yet hilariously funny word play with 'mopoke', will have you belly-laughing at every turn.

Tim Rogers nails this reading with his hysterically funny facial expressions and brilliant delivery of the text.

Visual literacy at its best, Mopoke is a springboard for discussion and creativity, and a story to be enjoyed by all.


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