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Molly & Mae

Friendship is like a train journey.

There are happy moments, boring moments and exciting moments.

There is anger and loneliness, and there is forgiveness,
and the thread of friendship runs through everything,
 like rail tracks through the countryside.

Brilliantly rendered by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood, Molly & Mae is a portrait of the most delightful and emotionally rich train journey imaginable, and in addition, an adorably poignant tale of friendship. 

Freya Blackwood's illustrations capture beautifully the change between rural settings to the city as the train rumbles on and her drawings of Molly and Mae are unrivalled in their skill at accurately portraying children. 

Danny Parker's sparse, yet rich text is enchanting, and conveys all the nuances of changes in the friendship between Molly and Mae as they play, squabble, get bored and make up. 

The story is deliciously told by everyone's favourite teacher 'Mrs Gonsha' from the Little Lunch series, aka Heidi Arena


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