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Mike I Don't Like

Once in a while a book comes along that changes your life. This is not that book.

I made the mistake of reading this so called childrens picture book largely because of the subject matter - me... The authors have taken one or two factual statements and concocted a fanciful tale, in rhyme I might add, about yours truly. The authors claim that I dislike all kinds of things including (but not limited to): blue whales, baths, showers, itchy scabs, pickles, the smell of kangaroos, cheese, vampire bats, barn owls, and even the well-known and quite piratical expression ahh me hearties!! This is all quite true of course, but I would never use rhyme. Never ever. Whoops. That wasnt meant to rhyme. My beef isn't only with these semi-literate word monkeys Kate & Jol Temple. Ive got a MAJOR problem with that texta-wielding goon Jon Foye. Whats with those illustrations? A five year old could draw better than him. (Mike I Don't Like, aged 5)

Of course, we asked our adult friend, Mike McLeish, to read this silly book for us! I wonder if he likes it?


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