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Meet Gus Gordon

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About the Short Film

We are excited to be able to bring you a short film starring another of our wonderful Ambassadors, author/illustrator Gus Gordon.

Gus has been a supporter of Story Box Library since it was only a germ of an idea.  Thanks to Gus and Penguin Australia his books, Herman & Rosie and Wendy, were two of the first titles that were filmed and featured in our library. 

Gus Gordon is an author and illustrator for small people and older people who like small people's books.  He likes music, books, art cheese and wine. Yes, he does.

Gus is possibly one of the most passionate and interesting people in the Australian Children's Book Industry today.

We were honoured to be able to invade Gus' home and studio space for a wee while in order to bring you this insight into his world.  And what a world it is.

Family man, basketball enthusiast, lover of old maps, fan of anthropomorphic characters and highly creative artist, Gus generously shares his work and a little piece of his soul with us.


*captions available.

Film Details



    Gus Gordon


    Shannon Morris


    Bronwyn Weingott


    Story Box Library Pty Ltd 
    Australia, 2014


Suitable for

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