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Meerkat Choir

'And a ONE - and a TWO - and a THREE-'

'Excuse me. Can I join your choir?'

'No. You cannot join our choir. This is a MEERKAT choir.'

The meerkats are excited. They're ready for their very first rehearsal with their meerkat choirmaster. But just as they're about to sing their very first note, they're interrupted by a steady stream of other animals who want to join in. The meerkat choirmaster insists his choir is only for meerkats. And he gets grumpier and grumpier at each interruption.

Meerkat Choir is a laugh-out-loud picture book that celebrates the joy of joining in from author/illustrator Nicki Greenberg. The simple and entertaining story conveys a serious message about not accepting bullying behaviour and exclusion, and how diversity and acceptance lead to a much more harmonious community. Look out for the hilarious expressions on the meerkat's faces!

Hilariously told by glorious singing sisters Vika and Linda Bull.



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