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Little Lunch: The Principal's Office

A lot can happen in 15 minutes! When Rory is punished and sent to the Principal's office, the other kids surprisingly feel sorry for him and try to cheer him up.

Rory is in trouble again, and has been sent to sit on his special chair in the Principal's office... everyone knows it's Rory's special chair because there is a sign that says 'Rory's Spot' on the wall above it. It's no surprise that Rory has been a bit naughty again, but what the other kids do next is really unexpected!

Jam-packed with author Danny Katz' trademark humour, and Mitch Vane's hilariously endearing illustrations, this funny and touching story about what really happens during snack time in the primary school playground, will have kids (and adults!) laughing out loud.

Told by the fabulous ABC Me's Mrs Gonsha herself (a.k.a. actor Heidi Arena), The Principal's Office is another brilliant Little Lunch story!


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