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Henrietta: There's no one better (Part 1 & 2)

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About the Story

I'm Henrietta P. Hoppenbeek the First. I have a baby brother, two white mice, a chocolate-coloured dog, a woolly mammoth, two long green socks with toes, one pickle-eating best friend, a bathtub for sailing in, and definitely a huge HUGE amount of discoveries to discover. And if anyone tells you I make things up, you better believe it.

Henrietta has a habit of making things up.

Some things are true: Henrietta has a baby brother the size of a sock (almost), a crazy brown dog named Madge, and a constant hunger for chocolate ripple cake. She is good at explorification and making her dad's undies into a superb hat. Other things are not true: Henrietta says she can keep a secret. She cannot.

But if Henrietta has a big habit of making things up, she has a bigger habit of making things fun, even little brothers and hamsters. So come meet Henrietta, and make an irresistible, irrepressible new friend.

Henrietta: There's No One Better is a delightfully fun and whimsical story from author Martine Murray. Told sweetly by performer Stephanie Beza, this story perfectly captures the essence of childhood.


*captions available
*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.

*included in the SA Premier's Reading Challenge 3-5 list.

(Please Note: This story is in two parts - See below for Part 2)

Story Details



Adventure, Family Life, Humour, Imagination, NSW PRC, SA PRC

Suitable for

Lower Primary (5-8yrs), Middle Primary (8-10yrs)





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