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Gumnut Babies

May Gibbs's marvellous creation - the Gumnut world, with its tiny heroes and heroines and deliciously villainous villains - has fascinated generations of children. Join sweetly charming singer, Elly-May Barnes, as she reads two of May Gibbs' most charming 'bush babies' stories. 

Gumnut Babies

The first of the bush babies, the inquisitive Nuts are full of fun and mischief. They love all the Bush Folk, but are a little afraid of lizards and snakes. Mrs Kookaburra is most fond of them as they make her laugh. In the hot sun they hang their heavy heads over the swaying leaves and sleep.

Gum-Blossom Babies
These shy little girls can be found clustered together on the tops of the trees. The tender-hearted Blossoms, like the Nuts, love all the Bush Folk and take much interest in the goings on around them. They enjoy sitting with the Nuts to hear stories of great adventures and things unknown.

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