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About the Story

Any bird can find adventure. Even Gary.

Gary the pigeon can't fly. When his racing pigeon friends head off in their travel basket, Gary stays at home. He organises his scrapbook of travel mementos and dreams about the adventures the other pigeons are having. But when Gary accidentally ends up a very long way from home, he discovers that flying is not the only way to have adventures.

Leila Rudge's deceptively simple and humorous story sends a clear message to viewers that even if you're different and have physical disabilities, you can still achieve amazing things. The colourful illustrations and the mix of scrapbook style, collage and maps, add extra depth to this story and a visual feast to explore.

Pia Miranda's heartfelt reading reveals the gentle charm of this truly wonderful story.


*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge K-2 list.

Story Details



Leila Rudge


    Pia Miranda


    Walker Books
    Australia, 2016


Adventure, Animal Stories, CBCA Previously Shortlisted, Courage, NSW PRC

Suitable for

Preschool (3-5yrs), Lower Primary (5-8yrs)



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