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One balmy day down under in a paddock by a stream,
A herd of cows was eating grass and making milk and cream.
When one of them — a Jersey cow called Jenny Bramble Rose,
Began to twitch because she sniffed a cricket up her nose.
She sneezed and sent a gritty ball of pasture through the air,
It bounced upon a strip of ground the goats had eaten bare…

At last the true story of how cricket was invented!

Not in England or even in India, but right here in Australia! It was on one fateful day when dairy cow Daisy May got a cricket up her nose and sneezed. Her friend Floppy May grabbed a stick from a nearby willow tree and whacked the flying cricket over the fence with a pleasant-sounding click.  All the other cows gathered round to have a go and very soon they had worked out a set of rules and were playing cricket, the new craze, in the paddock from dawn till dusk…

Told in Bruce Atherton's rollicking verse and with zany illustrations by Ben Redlich, Cowzat!, read delightfully by Nelly Thomas, will bowl you over! 


*captions available. 
*included in the VIC Premier's Reading Challenge 3-4 list.
*included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 5-6 list.



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