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Alpacas with Maracas

This guy is called Macca.
He's an alpaca!
He likes eating... pickles!
And loves getting... tickles!

That guy is called Al.
He's Macca's best pal.
He's an alpaca too.
(With a shaggy hair do.)

Macca and his pal Al are the best of friends, so when there is an opportunity to enter a talent contest together, they just can't resist. 

But what will their act be? Will they shimmy and shake? Dance and prance? Whatever they choose, it will surely be a performance to remember! 

Watch hilarious duo Matt Cosgrove and Jimmy Rees read, Alpacas with Maracas, and don't forget to check out the hilarious Bloopers, Working with Animals and Llamas Vs Alpacas videos in the More Videos section of this page. 



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