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Stories Connect Us All

Giilang' means Story' in Wiradjuri.
What does Story mean to you?

Meet the storytellers of Indigenous Story Time, as they reflect on what Story means to them and their families, and the ways we share our experiences and identities.
Working with the idea that stories connect us all, we hope this short film inspires you and the children in your life to connect with a wide range of voices and ideas.

We're delighted to share our short film, Stories Connect Us All, documenting reflections on story and sharing the voices of our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander storytellers who made our Indigenous Story Time series possible. 

One year ago, we received essential funding from the Australian Council for the Arts to launch Story Box Library presents Indigenous Story Time and subsequently increase the diversity of stories in our library, to allow every child in Australia to see themselves reflected in our stories. 

We hope that our storytellers reflections on Giilang', the Wiradjuri word for Story', will serve as a reminder for why we need to continue to share the stories and voices of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

With our heartfelt thanks to those who have made it possible to include more voices and more stories in our library that have too often remain unheard: our storytellers, authors and illustrators, publishing partners, short film editor Melanie Hogan, Indigenous Consultant Lisa Fuller and the Australia Council for the Arts. 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.



    Kamil Ellis, Anita Heiss, Trevor Jamieson, Miah Madden, Lille Madden, Aunty Joy Murphy, Ellen van Neerven, Kirli Saunders


    Melanie Hogan


    Tim Moriarty


    Mathew Gdanitz & Shannon Morris


    Nicole Brownlee & Fiona Harris


    Nicole Brownlee & Shona van Lieshout


    Story Box Library Pty Ltd
    Australia, 2019


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