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My Mum Says the Strangest Things - Activity Time

Create a Digital Collage for you Mum

Tom Jellett has used digital collage to construct some of his illustrations, giving them texture and depth. Use this as inspiration to create your own digital artwork.

What you need:

• Stimulus / inspiration
• Computer

  • Internet Access or illustration software

  • A printer and paper

    —Open or an illustration software program of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Paint). Find a piece of inspiration to help you create a collage for your mum (e.g. a photo of your mum, an object or piece of clothing that your mum loves etc).

    ● Use your stimulus/inspiration to help you choose what patterns and images to use in your collage (you might try re-creating an object/photo or you can simply select images your mum might like).
    ● Follow the instructions on the screen to insert your patterns/images, and to resize and rotate them.
    ● Once you have finished your collage, save and print your artwork and present it to your mum as a gift. You might even like to frame it.



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