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John Marsden on Candlebark

With Explosions Clubs, log splitting and spontaneous trips to MONA, the Candlebark School is no ordinary school.
We filmed John Marsden and Matt Ottley's powerful Home and Away 
at Candlebark and it was a special time for our production team.

We were amazed and in awe of the inspiring and open space, the sense of wonder and curiosity in students and the passion of the school's teachers.

Candlebark emphasises first-hand experiences for its students, producing a climate where kids cannot only acquire knowledge but wisdom, understanding or insight. We asked John to share a little bit more about his inspiration for the school and the beliefs underpinning his work as a School Principal.


Nicole Brownlee


    Savannah Indigo


    Story Box Library Pty Ltd
    Australia, 2019


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