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Story Response Templates

Our Story Response Templates provide frameworks to assist students in scaffolding and observing their thinking and responses to texts. They are visually appealing, easy to use and provide students with creative opportunities to explore stories further. 

They are designed to foster:

  • deeper learning 

  • reading comprehension

  • critical reading 

  • creative writing 

Download the first edition of 10 resources here, plus our second release of 8 templates here.

Use the following templates to download, print or project onto a whiteboard.

Graphic Organisers 

Templates to support students with organising, inferring, comparing and analysing information and language in stories:

  • T-Chart

  • Y-Chart

  • KWL Chart 

  • Venn Diagram

  • Senses Wheel

  • List

  • Timeline

  • Graffiti Wall

Book Response Templates

Templates to support students with analysing and reviewing stories, including character analysis, identifying plot structure and evaluating stories from a personal perspective: 

  • Story Map

  • Plot Summary

  • Character Profile

  • Book Review - Lower Primary

  • Book Review - Middle & Upper Primary

Writing Templates

Frameworks to help shape and structure students’ creative responses to stories:

  • Letter 

  • Postcard 

  • Newspaper

  • Menu Planner

  • Recipe Planner

  • Interview Planner

Further ideas for using these resources can be found in each set of Classroom Ideas created for individual stories, or visit our blog post, Introducing our New Graphic Organisers and Thinking Tools for some examples of how they can be used.