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What are the benefits of Story Box Library for schools and students?

  • Introduce children to new books or to explore the work of a favourite author/illustrator.
  • Use during reading/writing sessions to show children that reading is fun.
  • Make connections to Curriculum themes and positive values and encourage students to explore personal, social and cultural differences.
  • Related Classroom Notes for each story, linked to Curriculum.
  • Closed captions option available for each story.
  • Children can experience 'meeting' real authors/illustrators through short films, and find out what motivates them and how they work.
  • Use to explore language features such as rhyming words, adjectives and verbs. Highlight interesting vocabulary in stories.
  • Develop comprehension skills by asking children to watch stories then write comprehension questions for each other.
  • Ask students to make personal connections with stories and to consider both author's and illustrator's messages, both through words and images.
  • Stories are springboard to discuss writing techniques and how language use and aesthetic design combine to make a quality story.
  • ESL students can develop their spoken language by watching stories and hearing English words. Teachers can highlight key vocabulary and encourage children to develop growing English skills.
  • Highlight, experiment and develop reading expression. Focus on the voices that are used to indicate characters' feelings and actions.