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What are Student Task Sheets?

Student Task Sheets are single-page PDFs designed to be used directly by students, providing them with the opportunity to view stories and complete text response tasks independently in the classroom or from home if required. 

Each task sheet includes a QR code, providing direct access to the story, and three text response task options, each with a different focus and level of complexity. 

Students can select tasks for choice and autonomy in learning or teachers can differentiate learning by assigning tasks to students based on how they best process content. 

The PDFs can be printed and used in the classroom or at home or they can be sent electronically to students. Using the document electronically allows the use of direct links to stories and external resources to help students complete the tasks, such as graphic organiser templates.

Student Task Sheets can be found under the ACTIVITIES tab of each story, or visit the Resources page to find Student Task Sheets grouped onto shelves according to year level or theme. 

Find free samples of Student Task Sheets here.