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Do you support patron access via SIP2?

Yes, and there are several advantages to using SIP2 with Story Box Library, including individual playlists and some personal settings for library patrons and additional statistics data for account holders.

To set up SIP2:

  1. Log in to your account settings as the Account Holder for your public library's subscription.
  2. Scroll down to 'Configure SIP2 details' under 'Other Account Actions' at the bottom of the right hand column.
  3. If you normally whitelist IP addresses when setting up a new eResource via SIP2, you will see the IP address you need to whitelist there.
  4. Fill in the rest of the settings as required then click 'UPDATE' to save.

Once the IPs have been confirmed as whitelisted by your ICT team or library management system you can test whether set up has been successful by:

  1. Making sure you are logged out of Story Box Library.
  2. Visiting the library log in page.
  3. Finding your library in the dropdown list.
  4. You should see two fields (Barcode No. and PIN) instead of just one (Public Library Card Number).
  5. Enter a valid barcode number and PIN/password and click 'LOG IN'.

If the log in is successful, the SIP2 set up is complete.

If you experience any issues, please reach out to our support team so that we can help you resolve them.


  • If you have a choice between SIP2 and EZproxy we'd recommend SIP2 because of the extra functionality for patrons and account holders.
  • If you've previously used EZproxy but want to use SIP2 instead, please let us know so we can disable EZproxy on your account. If you have both enabled, patrons will be able to log in via EZproxy as well as the library log in page, but they won't see their personal playlists if they log in via EZproxy.
  • If you have SIP2 set up for your Story Box Library subscription you won't need to provide us with your barcode range or notify us about any changes to your range.