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Do you offer Single Sign On (SSO) authentication or Learning Management System (LMS) integration?

Single Sign On/Learning Management System
We don't currently offer any official SSO/LMS functionality and it's something that would need to be tailored to each supported LMS provider, however it is on our roadmap for future investigation. Having said that, at least one school has been able to set up their customised Schoolbox LMS with a link that goes straight through to the Story Box Library website without requiring a log in at the SBL site. This access was set up on the school's end by their teacher librarian and IT team.

EZProxy Authentication
We offer EZproxy authentication, which is often used by our Library subscribers. If you happen to use EZproxy please contact us for our database stanza and further set up information.

Referring Domain or IP Address Recognition
If we add your website domain to your account and a user clicks a link on a page from that domain to our login page, they will be recognised and only need to enter their viewer password. The same goes if you let us know your onsite IP address or range, if the user accesses the login page from an approved IP address they will only need to enter their viewer password. If you're interested in trying either of these options, please let us know.

Browser Password Management
You can also use the browser's in-built functionality to remember usernames and passwords (eg Chrome, Safari), although this could cause issues if you don't want to remember any other passwords entered in the browser.