Unique ISBN numbers

Allowing for more complete catalogue entries and creating greater awareness of and engagement with your Story Box Library (SBL) subscriptions, each of our stories now have their own unique ISBN numbers. 

Our ISBNs are categorised as “digital media”, registered with Thorpe Bowker and soon to be with Nielsen. With this update, libraries receiving SBL MARC data will now be able feature an image of the title’s storyteller displaying the book’s cover in their library OPAC. 

MARC data

Beginning in February, all of our monthly MARC distributions will include the ISBNs for our stories. Available for free to all SBL subscribing libraries and universities, a collection of SBL MARC data is just one of the benefits that SBL subscribing public libraries and universities can receive. Including SBL’s stories within your library OPAC will ensure that your community can access Storytime, Anytime. 

Each story can be added as an e-book or digital option, providing a direct link to the story’s page on storyboxlibrary.com.au. MARC records are distributed monthly by SBL’s exclusive public and academic library supplier, James Bennett, and can be requested by contacting storybox@bennett.com.au.

Downloadable Story Box Library master list

Complementing these catalogue resources is the availability of a downloadable master list of all SBL stories that includes creator, storyteller and publisher information, plus a downloadable storyteller image for each story. Automatically updated with every story release, this list always remains current.

For further ideas on how to maximise engagement with your SBL subscription, read about our other features and benefits, including our SIP2 integration, available exclusively to active subscribers.