Sample units to support the K-2 English Syllabus in NSW have recently been published on the NSW Education website. Each Unit includes ‘mentor’ and ‘supporting’ texts to help support teachers with learning activities. 

 ‘A mentor text is a text that is studied as an example to show how specific textual features are crafted…Supporting texts provide further opportunities to extend and deepen learning.’ English K-2 Units: NSW Government - Education website

We have created a list to help our NSW Primary School subscribers identify which of the mentor and supporting texts can also be found on Story Box Library.

We have also created a table to identify stories on Story Box Library which also appear in the ‘Quality Literature Recommendation’ lists for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1. These are stories that can also be used to support the implementation of the English K-2 Syllabus by providing alternative text choices where a suggested text can’t be sourced.

Please note, we have only identified stories from the lists that can be found on Story Box Library.

Our online story reads are intended to complement the use of physical texts in the classroom.

For the complete list of stories and further information, please refer to the English K-2 section of the NSW Education website.