In the next session of our online PD series for teachers, participants will discover 12 practical ideas for using Story Box Library (SBL) as a digital resource for a variety of activities, making it a versatile tool for educators with multiple applications for learning, teaching and community use.

This upcoming session builds upon content from our first PD, Getting to Know the SBL Basics.

We will share real-life examples of how SBL is being used to enhance learning and teaching programs. 

The event will run for 1.5 hours, with the final 30 minutes dedicated to an open Q&A.  

After attending this session, participants will gain foundation knowledge and training to further customise their own use of SBL’s unique features to assist in engaging and catering for the diverse and individual needs of students. 

Attending the SBL Online PD Session will contribute 1.5 hours of PD, addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

  • Australian Teaching Standard 3.4.2- Select and Use Resources: Select and/or create and use a range of resources, including ICT, to engage learners in their learning. 

  • Australian Teaching Standard 2.6.2- Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Use effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful.   

  • Australian Teaching Standard 7.3.2- Engage with Professional Teaching Networks and Broader Communities. Participate in professional and community networks and forums to broaden knowledge and improve practice. 

We welcome all educators to benefit from and attend this session, so please share this invitation with your colleagues.

Upcoming Online March PD: 12 Steps to Engage your Readers using SBL

When: Thursday 25 March

Time: 7 pm EDST

Duration: 1.5 hours, including 30-minute Q&A

Registration: To register your interest, email us at