Susannah Crispe

Author / Illustrator

Susannah Crispe is an award-winning Australian children's author and illustrator, with a passion for animals, art and adventure.

Susannah was born in Wellington, New Zealand but grew up in Australia. Her favourite thing to do is travel and explore; highlights include polar bear spotting at the North Pole, canoeing down the Amazon River, ghost hunting in New Orleans, and encountering ancient gods deep in a Bolivian mine. She studied art history and zoology at university and enjoys volunteering with native wildlife throughout Australia. She worked in museums and bookstores for many years, until discovering her true passion for creating books.


Susannah writes and illustrates her books from a light-filled studio in Canberra, drawing inspiration from her adventurous son, cluttered bookshelves and the world beyond her windows.  As an illustrator, she works in watercolour and digital collage to produce beautiful scenes brimming with detail. Her books include: Where the Heart Is, Cookie, Under the Moonlight, Swoop, and Cloudspotting. She is a member of the following secret literary societies: SCBWI, ASA, CKT, CBCA, CBI and the Duck Pond.

Stories by Susannah Crispe