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Jessica Sanders is an author and social worker; however she considers herself as more of a ‘social impact entrepreneur’. Jess has a passion for creating resources that nurture positive mental health and promote gender equality. Every project she pursues is born from the question, ‘Why does it have to be this way?’. Jess’s first book, Love Your Body is the perfect example of this. The book, which was originally crowd-funded through Kickstarter, was born from Jess’s refusal to accept that every girl is destined to grow up disliking her body. Not only is negative body image a waste of a girl’s precious energy and time, it also holds her back from achieving her full potential. Jess has since published Me Time: a self-care guide to being your own best friend and the follow up to Love Your Body for boys, Be Your Own Man. 

Jess spends her day writing books, facilitating school based workshops, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee and running a social justice campaign for young people.